Bay Area Dog Walkers

Bay Area Dog Walkers

Does your dog need more exercise? Does your dog tear things apart, destroy clothes, furniture or toys? Does your dog lunge, bark, mark, rear, spin or pull when you go out for a walk? Do you need to duck between parked cars to avoid oncoming neighbors, other dogs, skateboarders or children?

At Bay Area Dog Walkers, walking dogs in a calm, assertive manner is what we do. Walking is the cornerstone of the relationship you have with your dog.

At Bay Area Dog Walkers, we help people and dogs achieve balance, understanding and harmony in their lives. If you want to have a better relationship with your dog, give us a call!

If you just want us to walk your dog, we do that too. Call us at (408) 656-3724!

Big dogs. Little dogs. Any dog!



The pack walk provides a primal physical experience that helps stimulate your dog’s mental acuity to help to deplete your dog of extra energy. Safety is our primary concern at Bay Area Dog Walkers. Therefore, every potential pack member will be assessed based on temperament, ability to follow their leader and dog-human/dog-dog interpersonal social skills.

If your dog passes the measured temperament test, your dog will be integrated into the pack! This will require one-on-one human-dog training with Kirsten at a cost of $350.00. This process offers the most secure method for introducing dogs so that we avoid fights. The walk work is the focus of their energy and they are rewarded with food afterwards.

If your dog requires additional training or rehabilitation, Kirsten will discuss the rehabilitation training required specifically for your dog prior to acceptance into the Bay Area Dog Pack Walk Program. Please understand that dog-human safety/welfare are our primary concern and we will not compromise these values at any cost.

All Walk Fees are due at time of service. Please provide payment (check or cash) in advance of walk.

  • Pack Walk – Approximately 30 – 45 minutes * = $24

* 2nd Dog in Same Household, add $19

In order to form a pack, a minimum of 3 dogs from the same home and/or neighborhood is required.



Some people want their dogs walked individually. Here is our fee schedule for the INDIVIDUAL WALK:

  • 30 minutes * = $35
  • 45 minutes * = $49
  • 60 minutes * = $65

* 2nd Dog in Same Household, add $19

Let’s get Walking!


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